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Professional Python for TouchDesigner

Without Python, it’s hard to get anything done in TouchDesigner.

But you’re a pro; you already know this.

You’ve mastered the basics of object-oriented programming, taken controls of Python operators and parameters, and built decision trees and control flows with reactive scripts. Perhaps you’ve even got into script callbacks, or gone beyond “if” and “else” statements to master “try” blocks and “for” loops.

In short, you think you know Python for TouchDesigner.

But you might want to think again.

Because if you’re like most TouchDesigner users, you probably lack an advanced understanding of Python – and your installations suffer for it:

  • TouchDesigner developers waste HOURS recreating Python code and projects – and many don’t realize they’re doing it. At best, this means a ton of wasted time for you. At worst, it means you can’t deliver the work your client is expecting.
  • Without some serious Python chops, you won’t be able to customize every aspect of your installations. And when a client wants to see particular LEDs change color based on specific user input, you’re not going to want to have to tell them no.
  • Many TouchDesigner developer’s Python code is what’s called naïve. In the programming world, naïve code is a developer’s first attempt at solving a problem. And while naive solutions might work, they’re often unreplicable, prone to bugs, and poorly optimized.

To solve the above problems, we created our latest course, “Professional Python for TouchDesigner.” Over the course of 5 hours, instructor and TouchDesigner legend Matthew Ragan will teach you how to leverage Python to customize EVERY aspect of your TouchDesigner installation, as well as build an extension so you can create reusable presets (in a way you didn’t realize was possible), all while saving you hours (likely weeks) in the process.

In short, you’ll learn the Python skills and techniques that separate the pros from the amateurs.

In “Professional Python for TouchDesinger,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Write functions, so that you can stop rewriting the same code time and again. Script less, create more.
  • Improve customization while reducing the amount of time you spend coding with list comprehensions: List comprehensions allows you create data structures on the fly, in ways you would have never expected. This lets you use data that would have previously been inaccessible (or that you would have had to re-write) faster and easier.
  • Access all your TouchDesigner data from a single source of truth with storage: Discover how to access, modify, or replicate data from any TouchDesigner operator, instantly. The implications of this are hard to overstate. Want to modify a single button on multiple user interfaces? How about extract a data point for use in a new function? With this training, you’ll be able to bend TouchDesigner to your will.
  • Understand modules and classes, so you can implement anyone’s Python examples and libraries into your work in a manner that is clean as well as replicable.
  • Get TouchDesigner to do EXACTLY what you want with Python extensions: When you learn to write your own extensions, you’ll be able to do all those things you’ve always wanted to that TouchDesigner can’t perform natively – as well as anything your client asks for. This is particularly useful for anything IoT-related.
  • Tie everything together by creating your first preset builder: This preset builder is unlike any you’ve used before. Unlike a simple preset for videos or smart LEDs, the preset builder we’ll create revolves around conceptual anchors. This lets you create presets around your projects and ideas, which can then be used repeatedly, whether multiple times in a project or for in different installations.

After completing “Professional Python for TouchDesigner,” you’ll be able to create anything you – or your clients – can imagine.

If you’re interested in this course, don’t wait and grab it now!

"Elburz is a master, and as a teacher he uniquely takes on the seemingly mundane but ultimately very important micro lessons woven into the macro techniques which makes for a highly productive and holistic approach to learning. His attention to detail, sense of humor, and worldly perspective on the industry makes him a perfect teacher."

-Hal Lovemelt

Hal Lovemelt


Elburz is the co-founder of The Interactive & Immersive HQ, the Immersive Technical Director of zero11zero, lead of nVoid division, and is one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner.

He has worked on product launches, permanent installations, and worldwide tours with clients like Google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Burj Khalifa, VISA, Nike, US Open, TIFF, American Express, Seattle Art Museum, Cannes Lions, Axwell & Ingrosso, Verizon, McDonalds, IBM, and many more. Elburz has lead teams across the world from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Dubai, Scotland, and Paris.